Activities on land

If you own a Main Character you will be able to get shops, taverns, banks, homes, etc. on your land.

Other players can join your land and participate in quests, fights and adventures happening there. You will get a % of the expense players pay to join a fight or an adventure. You can also put your own prizes as rewards to try to involve people to participate in fights, adventures and quests on your land. How to manage it is up to you. Rewards from players' activities can go to the single landowner or can be shared to the whole county, where each land gets a % of what players pay on that county. This is a decision that people owning lands in a specific county can take together with other landowners. They can also choose a representative for the county that will be the one dealing with the Emperor (role playing) and the Team for the matters regarding the county. The more a county manages to organize and do things together, the more they can benefit from their lands. Players in general will always be encouraged to go on people's lands with activities happening there (daily fights, adventures, roleplaying scenarios etc..)

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