Chapter 5 - Bank System, Economy and Token

We plan to have a balanced and sustainable economy in our game. Calculation of coin rewards can thus change anytime, even after the game release.

Our idea is to make a real use of the virtual coin and the token, to create an active economy and keep the token value during time. What we aim to create is a simulated economy for our Fantasy world, so just not a “tokenomics”. Here the token is a tool for the game and not vice-versa.

The token Selenite (SELE) is a real token that you can buy, sell and trade on Alcor Exchange for WAX.

The coin Gold Teal is a virtual coin that has no value outside of the game. It is totally off-chain and can be just changed for Selenite using one of the banks you can find in-game.

The change is always 1:1 plus 5% fees for the bank. Example: 100 Gold Teal Coins are equivalent to 100 Selenite tokens, after the change you will get 95 Selenite tokens. Exchange fees are fees that go back into the game and help to sustain the whole economy. Bank services are enabled only by staking some amount of Selenite. This will lock the amount of tokens into the game and will be an obstacle for bots and multi-accounts. Services of the bank include: The exchange from Gold Teal to Selenite token and vice versa, the custody of valuable items (example Moon Stones) giving you a passive income etc..

In-game you will earn Gold Teal to avoid a large number of transactions that would create problems for players' CPU, bugs and so on. Going to a bank (located in Venetyr or into people lands if they build one on it) you will always be able to exchange Gold Teal Coins for Tokens and vice versa (having the Selenite Token staked). The amount of Selenite required will be automatically updated considering the value of the token. Resources and other strictly in-game things will be bought and traded using the Gold Teal Coins. Recovering Characters, equipment, companions etc.. Will use and consume resources and Gold Teal. Extra things that can be considered as “cosmetics”, such as new icons walking on the map and extra things to make your game experience more customizable, will be bought with Selenite tokens. The token is created only when people exchange and “mine” it using the bank. This will ensure that there will never be more than what is actually needed. With a potentially infinite Fantasy world the use of the Gold Teal coins and for the Selenite Tokens can be endless, allowing the token to keep a stable and potentially growing value over time.

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