Promo characters

Promo Characters are NFTs distributed in different ways and outside pack drops. They are weaker than generic and main characters but they are distributed for free through socials (Discord, Twitter etc..) from giveaways and minigames, in collaborations with other projects, with free or "low wax price" drops or found as reward into the game.

Every promo is different. Some promo characters can only perform jobs, some can only join fights or adventures. Promo characters are subdvided into two main categories. Promo workers: Promo workers are promos that are able to perform a specific job, examples are: Farmer, Blacksmith, Fisherman, Woodcutter etc. For their specific job they will get one extra action per day and they are get a boost in production using standard tools. Promo special: Some promo that can do something in particular (example a job with no tools). Promo characters can only use promo equipment and companions in fights, but they are able to use standard tools for jobs.

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