Chapter 13 - Bots, cheats and multi-account

In our game system the interaction is one of the main aspects, and it is by itself a way to remove advantages for bots, since a way to get more involved and rewarded by the game is to actually interact and act like a human.

Our game system includes cool-downs, energy consumption, bounds and so on, that makes basically useless or impossible the use of bots or auto-click systems. They would need anyway to take their cool-down or buy food and rest to recover.

Multi-accounts are also allowed, since there aren't real advantages in using them for the same reasons of using bots: even if you use multiple accounts doing fights at the same time, you will still need to wait for cool-downs or recover your characters, and moving assets from accounts will not recover any cool-down, energy or bounds. Also, splitting characters in different wallets will split your points in the leaderboard, making it harder to climb it and get rewards.

Having a game system like this will help us to focus more on the game itself instead of fighting and banning bots and people using multi-account. This doesn't mean that we will not check for eventual cheats that people may still try and if detected, the account involved will get permanently banned from our platform, with no chance to recover access and in-game tokens balance.

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