Chapter 11 - Role-playing

The roleplaying will be an important part of our game. One of the meanings of our roleplaying is that there will be an evolving story, and that the story can change with players' actions and choices.

Players can take decisions in some adventures anytime (even just if joining or not can be a decision that may have consequences). As a citizen, your character could also be called to vote to make some decisions. Example: Our empire should get involved in a war against another empire? Or should we try to have a diplomatic approach? A big horde of orcs is moving to Venetyr, should we go and fight them, or would it be better to stay defending the city? Anything can lead to different scenarios, rewards, victories, but also to losses.

Players can vote and decide if the Empire should risk getting involved but with the pleasure that rewards can bring in case of victory. You never know what can happen in this weird world and any decision could change it completely. This makes the game more interactive, always evolving, and gives the players the fun of discovering new things and being part of a story that we will write all together.

Quests and new adventures will always be announced in our Discord channel and on Twitter but also on the platform. Players can decide to take actively part in the role-play or not, for those willing to do it, there may be some different occasions based on their actions. In a role-play scenario when you decide to do something, or act in a certain way is actually the character involved that is doing that in the in-world game, that could have some different outcomes. One of your characters made some decisions that made the emperor happy? He may give you something for your services, or maybe another character you own made an NPC angry? They could attack you or your land, if you own one, that could lead to positive or bad outcomes, depending on many factors.

Note: Role-play scenarios involving lands, or NFTs you own, will never be something happening without your consent. Nobody will "attack" your land and take your resources while you are not playing or busy. Nobody can take anything from you in any PVP or PVE. The only "loss" that can happen in-game are those from bad outcomes from fights and adventures (paying tokens to participate in something and losing etc..).

In future we may implement new ways to "lose" to get even higher rewards from higher risks, but any role-play must be accepted from players to be valid and chances to lose nfts and such must be always accepted as a eventual risk from the player first.

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