Role-playing adventures

Adventures can also be organized in a role playing scenario. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or even once in a year or unique events. Players can decide to take part in those adventures or not, sometimes to be eligible to participate the player needs to own a certain type of Mooner (for example, some Mooners with a particular spec.) or some kind of weapons/equips/companions etc.. However those are all random and mostly everyone will be free to join role playing adventures or not.

Role-Playing adventures and scenarios are announced beforehand on the platform and through our socials to make sure that the majority of players knows about it.

Role-Playing Adventures are always new scenarios that can be similar or totally different from standard adventures, any scenario can lead to nothing or to incredible valuable prizes, it's up to the player to decide to join or not. You will never know what to expect from role-playing scenarios, you will need to decide if to join or not based on the information you have.

To be prepared for adventures characters will need to spend Gold Teals, role-playing adventures and scenarios could cost more to join, that makes it riskier in case the adventure would end with no prizes or rewards, or even with injuries.

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