Chapter 6 - Fighting system

You can create teams of up to four characters, and equip them with many different items such as weapons, shields, armors, potions and more. You can also equip companions that can give some extra boost in your fights, or Moon Stones with their unique powers.

Our algorithm will calculate and simulate the fight giving an outcome.

The algorithm formula takes in consideration stats, luck, enemies.. and players will likely find out with experience and strategies how to win fights. Bear in mind that a "luck" factor is always in and of course, the stronger your character is, the higher are the chances to win fights and to be successful in adventures. However, it could also happen that a weaker party could win against a stronger one in some situations.

This is possible because the algorithm simulates the fight, calculating attacks and defenses based on characters' stats and on effectiveness rates, that can be improved using particular equips.

This system ensures that both the stats and a certain amount of randomness will contribute to the outcome of the fight.

Fights are mainly PVE since in our roleplay scenario wouldn’t make sense for people to randomly have “mortal fights” around. PVP will mostly take place in fights and games in the arena in Venetyr and eventually in future with wars against other player/s factions, but this will be considered and studied in future, to see if it is something that might fit the user-base. Joining standard PVE fights requires the player to spend some Gold Teals. That is to justify the fact that your characters need to get ready and prepared for the fight (also traveling etc..). Based on the scenario this Gold Teal payment can be less or can even be totally removed if the “Emperor” wishes to and if for the roleplay scenario more fighters are needed. Rewards for fights are higher based on the enemy. The harder it is to beat an enemy party the higher are the rewards. As rewards for fights you get Gold Teals, and sometimes if you are lucky you can find some raw resources or NFTs. If you lose a fight you will not get any reward and in some cases you risk losing 1 Extra action point. You have the chance to retreat from a fight. Retreat will not save your Gold Teals and will still use 1 Action point from your characters that have to “run away” but it will save you 1 Action Point for your equip and companion and you have no risk to lose 1 Extra Action Point that is an eventuality in case of defeat.

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