Generic characters

Generic characters are minted in higher numbers than Main characters. They can participate in fights and adventures and also perform jobs. They are divided into four ability levels: Ordinary, Talented, Master and Elite. Ability levels are equivalent as rarity (so a Talented will be always more rare than an Ordinary etc..) and they are used to keep them different from the classic "rarity" system of Main Characters and to give it a better way to describe generic characters in-game.

A high ability generic character can be stronger than a lower rarity Main Character, however they don't have access to some of the main perks of 1/1 characters like ruling lands or some dedicated jobs. They can participate in fights and adventures for rewards in token, NFTs and so on, they can also perform any kind of job. Generic characters with higher ability levels are also able to improve some of the overall stats of the party, or to increase chances to find NFTs and coins.

Another perk of generic characters is that they will be higher in numbers, so you will be able to join more fights and adventures with your generic characters, increasing your chances to get returns from jobs and get rewards from fights and adventures.

Generic characters can perform any kind of job. Generic characters can use any kind of equipment and companions.

Limited edition characters are generic characters but with fixed numbers of mint. Those are given exclusively in some specific situations that are announced when distributed. One example would be holding something (example the Golden Moon Badge) or for some people that helped with something and so on.

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