Building System

To be able to build on your land you will need to start a worksite. After starting it you will need to load resources and pay to start the actual work. Your worksite will require a fixed amount of resources based on what you want to build, plus people working. The system, especially in the first phase, will be pretty straight and with no waitings for workers. People will be able to work on your land just with a click and you can be able to set up payments or rewards for people "clicking" and working on your land.

The building will be ready when you have enough materials, people work (clicks) and a certain amount of time is passed.

Once your building is complete, players will be able to use it. In the first phase every building (example taverns, blacksmith etc..) will share the same amount of resources, in future this could change and every landowner will need to manage their own resources to make their activities work. During the period with connected resources the land owner will get 80% of what people buy in their land, the remaining 20% will go to the Empire as “tax commission”.

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