Q4 2021 1. Sale of remaining Main Characters ✓ 2. Sales of Generic Characters, Equipment and Companions ✓ 3.Starting of a first closed Alpha with the fight system. Team and small user-base involved. ✓ 4. Eventual bug fixing from the Alpha test fight system. ✓ Q1 2022 1. Open the alpha fight system to the public and move into the beta test with extra functions. ✓ 2. Sale of tools (required to perform jobs) ✓ 3.Implementing the job system to produce resources needed in-game and with payments in Gold Teal for players performing the jobs. ✓ 4. Enabling bank system and exchanging from Gold Teal virtual coins to Tokens and vice-versa (with token listing on Alcor) ✓ 5. Implementing the crafting (equips) and breeding (companions) system using Gold Teal, resources and nfts. <-

Q2 2022 1. Land Sale (Limited amount) <- 2. Enabling land management system. Building on lands -using resources-, creating Cities, Baronies etc.. (connecting more lands together for those wishing to do it. Max 3 cities per county.) <- Q2 2022 - to ∞ 1. Adding extra features and fixing those already in, the game is planned to always evolve, grow and adapt with new things over time, and years. Example: Companions battles, Characters pvp battles and games in the arena, home renting, vehicles (horses, wagons, airships etc..), guilds.. and much much more! Some of the features may come before during the development, or after the full game is released based on their impact into the game and user base preferences.

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