Chapter 3 - Equipment, Companions and Tools

There are different kinds of equipment in the Moon Stones world.

All the equipment are used to boost your characters stats and let them perform better in battles, adventures and jobs.

Equipment and companions are subdivided into 5 rarities: Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, Celestial/Hellish.

Promo equipment and companions are distributed for free through socials (Discord, Twitter etc..) from giveaways and minigames, in collaborations with other projects,with free or "low wax price" drops or found into the game.

Celestial/Hellish equipment and companions can only be crafted/breeded in-game, they are always a single copy of any newly created NFT. After a Celestial/Hellish is found, people can try to craft a copy of that, but it would only be of a standard rarity (from common to mythical).

Tools are needed to perform jobs. The only two rarities are promo and common tools. Promo tools are limited in productions with every character you use. Common tools are used to produce a different amount of resources, based on the character using it.

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